About Us

Who We Are

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Wood’s Powr-Grip Co., Inc. began in 1946 as an automotive, electric and small engine repair shop and has grown into a worldwide leader among manufacturers of vacuum lifting tools and equipment.  Located in Laurel, Montana, U.S.A. (just 12 miles [20 km] west of Billings, Montana’s largest city), Wood’s Powr-Grip employs a team of more than 125 employees in our 72,500 square foot [6735 square meter] facility.

Wood’s Powr-Grip’s philosophy is simply to “do the right thing” for users of our products and for our dealers, distributors, and business partners, as well as for our employees and our community. Although this philosophy seems very basic, it is important to the prosperity of Wood’s Powr-Grip, especially in today’s business world.

Our Products

Wood’s Powr-Grip designs, manufactures and distributes tools and equipment that improve efficiency, enhance safety, and lower costs for the industries that we serve. We offer a full line of hand-held vacuum cups, below-the-hook vacuum lifters and vacuum mounting cups that make materials handling and equipment mounting easier. Our products are used to lift, hold and position a variety of smooth, nonporous materials such as glass, plastics, engine valves, sheet metal, solid surfacing, laminates, stone slabs and appliances. Powr-Grip products are individually tested before being shipped from our production facility, in order to ensure quality and promote safety for the user.

Custom Products

At Wood’s Powr-Grip, we understand the critical role our products play for customers in a variety of different industries. We offer standard models to meet almost every need for ease of use, reliability, safety, ergonomics, and reasonable cost. However, if one of our existing models doesn’t match your exact requirements, we are able to design and manufacture completely new products, or modify an existing design, to address your application. The result is a custom vacuum lifter – made to fulfill your job requirements, at the lowest possible cost.


mapWhile Wood’s Powr-Grip’s headquarters are located in Laurel, MT, our vacuum cups and equipment products are distributed internationally in nearly 50 countries through an extensive network of dealers and distributors.

At present, our products are most widely used within the following industries:

However, industries such as agriculture, HVAC, plumbing and many others have found applications for our products, as well.