Manufacturing Capabilities

weldingAt Wood’s Powr-Grip, we understand the value in maintaining the latest production machinery and technologies for our manufacturing facility, because they help us to develop higher-quality vacuum cups and equipment products that are more economical for our customers. Consequently, Wood’s Powr-Grip has made significant investments in keeping our manufacturing facility equipped with advanced manufacturing and machining equipment.

For machining operations, Wood’s Powr-Grip utilizes a range of manual mills and lathes, as well as cold saws, shears, and vertical and horizontal band saws. Our manufacturing facility is also equipped with several CNC mills and lathes, which are programmed by our experienced machinists and our engineering department with the aid of Computer Automated Manufacturing (CAM) software.

Wood’s Powr-Grip’s vacuum lifters and other products are constructed with only the strongest welds, welded by our extensively trained and tested personnel. Our welders employ a number of techniques for both aluminum and steel, including GTAW and GMAW, as well as brazing, soldering and hot bending, using the best equipment available in the industry. Every type of structural weld is extensively tested and qualified through our internal quality control requirements, in accordance with ASME guidelines.