Movable Control Pendant

Movable Control Pendant
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A Movable Control Pendant permits vacuum controls and/or controls for powered load movements to be moved away from the vacuum lifter to a distance equal to the length of the pendant's umbilical cord. This enables the operator to remain safely outside the load's path while retaining access to controls for attaching, releasing or manipulating the load. Pendant cords are available in various lengths, including ones suitable for installing windows and other construction materials in multi-story buildings. (Note: Product details may differ from photo.)

Movable Control Pendants come standard on many Powr-Grip® below-the-hook lifters. They can also be ordered as a factory option or custom feature on other WPG vacuum lifters, including models P11104DC2, P2110445DC2 and P211047DC2. Please contact a Technical Sales Representative for additional information.

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