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In order to make it in today's market, businesses need to be versatile and equip themselves with the tools necessary to hold the line on costs, increase profitability and still deliver high-quality customer service. Wood's Powr-Grip® can help with perhaps the most versatile vacuum lifting tool available–the Vacuum Tube Lifter. The various configurations and options available in WPG's Tube Lifter provide an affordable lifting solution for a limitless number of materials, products and parcels.

Powr-Grip's Vacuum Tube Lifters use the power of vacuum to lift, manipulate and position all sizes and shapes of boxes or bags, among a wide variety of other loads. Whatever you're lifting, versatile end effectors attach securely to loads without harming most surfaces. And, because of principles behind its unique design, a WPG Vacuum Tube Lifter will not drop a load. If an object is too heavy to pick up with the Vacuum Tube Lifter, it simply will not pick it up–unlike some other types of vacuum lifting products. If the power fails, a special valve engages, to slowly lower the load to the ground before it is released, avoiding damage to the load and possible injury to the operator.

Whether your application involves warehouse operations, assembly line production, or high-volume shipping, a Vacuum Tube Lifter from Wood's Powr-Grip makes handling bags and boxes faster, easier and safer. 

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Vantage Series Tube Lifter TLVS12025F20OF
Vantage Series Box and Bag Lifters Specifications: Standard Features: Series S12025 Lift Uni..
Model: TLVS12025F20OF
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