Custom DC-Powered Counterbalance Lifter with Remote Control

Custom DC-Powered Counterbalance Lifter with Remote Control
Custom DC-Powered Counterbalance Lifter with Remote Control
Model: CB2DCS
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CB2DCS Counterbalance Lifter shown in combination with P2110445DC vacuum lifter
(reverse-angle orientation).

The CB2DCS Counterbalance Lifter was developed by Wood's Powr-Grip for use with a crane or other hoisting equipment, to lift and position windows under gables, overhangs or similar obstructions, by extending the load away from lift slings. This lifter's unique design features a DC-powered counterbalance, which moves on demand along a rugged I-beam to keep the lifter balanced, whether loaded or unloaded. The Counterbalance Lifter also comes with radio remote controls, to adjust the counterweight position during multi-story window installations, as well as on-board controls for use on the ground or in a cherry picker. A specialized fixed mount enables the CB2DCS to be used in conjunction with Powr-Grip's P1-DC, P2-DC and MRTALP Series vacuum lifters, while a universal hook mount accommodates all other kinds of vacuum lifters and end effectors. Powr-Grip's Channel Lifters can also be inverted on the Counterbalance Lifter for reverse-angle installations, such as those in airport control towers. In short, the CB2DCS Counterbalance Lifter represents a dramatic improvement in safety, versatility and functionality over other available designs.


  • DC-Powered Counterbalance provides effortless counterweight motion, enabling the operator to keep the lifter balanced at all times.
  • Radio Remote Control enables the operator to control the counterbalance from distances up to 250 ft [76 m] away, as required for window installations in multi-story structures.
    Note: When paired with remote controlled Powr-Grip vacuum lifters, also syncs with apply and release controls.
  • Fixed & Universal Hook Mounts provide customized, stable attachment of specific Powr-Grip vacuum lifters, plus the flexibility to attach virtually any kind of vacuum lifter or end effector.
  • Battery Gauge with segmented LED's allows the operator to visually assess the current energy level of the battery and instantly determine whether charging is needed.
  • Amber Strobe Light signals to area personnel that a counterweight adjustment is imminent, in case a reaction is required.
    Note: When paired with remote controlled Powr-Grip vacuum lifters, also warns that load release is imminent.
  • White Indicator Light signals when counterweight has reached the fowardmost position, enabling the operator to release the load remotely with minimal lifter movement.


Horizontal Reach:
Minimum - 57-3/4" [1467 mm]
Maximum - 69-1/2" [1766 mm]

Overall Length:
148-1/4" [3766 mm]
(Note: Does not include load or optional vacuum lifter.)

Maximum Load Capacity:
1600 lbs [725 kg] (including weight of optional vacuum lifter).

Unit Weight:
975 lbs [443 kg]
(Note: Does not include user-supplied ballast material.)

Standard Operating Power:
12 volts DC, 58 amps

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