Channel Lifter 700 (DC) with Intelli-Grip® Technology

Channel Lifter  700 (DC) with Intelli-Grip® Technology
Channel Lifter  700 (DC) with Intelli-Grip® Technology Channel Lifter  700 (DC) with Intelli-Grip® Technology Channel Lifter  700 (DC) with Intelli-Grip® Technology
Model: P11104DC3
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WPG™ Intelli-Grip™ TechnologyEmploying state-of-the-art technology,
Intelli-Grip® automatically monitors
vacuum and power systems to:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Help reduce human error
  • Simplify maintenance and repairs
  • Protect employees and property from harm
Maximum Load Capacity
700 lbs [320 kg]
Intelli-Grip® Technology
Automatic self-testing ensures lifter is ready for use, every lift.
Color display provides critically relevant information at a glance.
Anticipates threats and alerts operator beforehand with clearly visible and audible warnings.
Continuously monitors battery and prevents lifter from attaching to loads if energy is hazardously low.
Multiple alarm levels plainly identify the severity of hazards.
Load Movement
Manual rotation, 180° edgewise, with automatic latching in three positions.
Manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat, with automatic latching in upright position.
(Lifters can be tilted ONLY when lift bar is locked in center position, as shown above.)
Standard Operating Power
12 volts DC, 5 amps
Weight of Lifter
95 lbs [44 kg]
Number / Size of Vacuum Pads
4 / 11" [28 cm] diameter, lipped pads
Standard Pad Spread
51" x 12" [130 x 30 cm]
Standard Features
Intelli-Grip® technology
Adjustable-position lift spool
Dual vacuum system
High-flow vacuum pump
Battery and charger
Low vacuum strobe light
Low vacuum/power loss warning buzzer
Green lift light
Vacuum gauges
Air line filters
Vacuum reserve tanks
Blow-off for quick release
Two-action, push-button release
Dual Vacuum System
Features two completely independent vacuum circuits.
Provides vacuum system redundancy.
Limits possibility of a catastrophic failure.
Reduces chance of harm to personnel or equipment.
Available Options
Remote control system (59906)
Shipping case (53005)
Alternative vacuum pads (Specifications not as listed above. Please contact us for more information):
    9" [23 cm] diameter pad (VPFS9)
   10" [25 cm] diameter, lipped pad (HV11)
   10" [25 cm] diameter concave pad (G0750)
   10" [25 cm] diameter pad with replaceable sealing ring (VPFS10T)
Alternative pad compounds, including ones for low-marking, temperature resistant and coated surface applications (special order)
Counterbalance Lifter (CB2DCS)
Design Standards
ASME B30.20 (BTH-1 Design Category "B", Service Class "0")
AS 4991

Based on product information at time of publication.

Load Capacity 700 lbs [320 kg]
Per-Pad Capacity 175 lbs [79 kg]
Pad Model G3370
DC Power Standard
DC Volts 12 VDC
DC Amps 4.5
Charger Voltage 100/120/240
Charger Hertz 50/60
Charger Phase 1
Weight (DC) 95 lbs [44 kg]
Manipulation Continuous
Tilt 90°
Tilt Power Manual
Rotation 90°Left - 90°Right
Rotation Power Manual
Max Pad Spread (L) 51"
Min Pad Spread (L) 51"
Max Pad Spread (W) 12"
Min Pad Spread (W) 12"
Max Height 62.75"
Min Ambient Temp 32° F
Min Load Temp 32° F
Max Ambient Temp 100° F
Max Load Temp 100° F

Based on product information at time of publication.

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