Vertical Lifter 1800 (DC) ─ Gentle Giant™

Vertical Lifter 1800 (DC) ─ Gentle Giant™
Model: VLGG1011LDC
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The T-shaped frames of this Powr-Grip® vacuum lifter is designed to produce optimum support and prevent damage when handling enormous sheet materials in the upright orientation.

Standard Pad Spread:
53-3/4" x 120" [1365 x 3048 mm]

Number / Size of Vacuum Pads:
10 / 11" [28 cm] diameter, lipped pads

Maximum Load Capacity:
1800 lbs [815 kg]

Weight of Lifter:
213 lbs [97 kg]

Standard Operating Power:
12 volts DC, 26 amps

Apply / Release Times:
8 seconds / 6 seconds (approx)

Load Movement:
Upright to upright

Standard Features:
On-board battery and charger
Battery energy gauge
Green lift light
Operator protection mesh
Movable control pendant
Nylon slings
Vacuum gauge
Vacuum reserve tank
Vacuum line filter
Spring-mounted vacuum pads
Blow-off for quick release

Available Options:
Air (venturi) power system (VLGG1011LAIRS) (Specifications may not be as listed above. Please contact us for more information.)
Vacuum loss warning buzzer (93780AM)
Individual pad shutoffs (93011)
Pad shutoffs kit with individual gauges (special order)
Alternative pad compounds, including ones for low-marking, temperature resistant and coated surface applications (special order)

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Design Standards:
ASME B30.20 (BTH-1 Design Category "B", Service Class "0")

Based on product information at time of publication.

Load Capacity 1800 lbs [815 kg]
Per-Pad Capacity 175 lbs [79 kg]
Pad Model G3370
DC Power Standard
DC Volts 12 VDC
DC Amps 26
Charger Voltage 100/120/240
Charger Hertz 50/60
Charger Phase 1
Apply Time (DC) 6 Seconds
Release Time (DC) 5 Seconds
Weight (DC) 202 lbs
Manipulation Vertical
Max Pad Spread (L) 120"
Min Pad Spread (L) 120"
Max Pad Spread (W) 53.75"
Min Pad Spread (W) 53.75"
Max Height 79.25"
Min Ambient Temp 32° F
Min Load Temp 32° F
Max Ambient Temp 100° F
Max Load Temp 100° F

Based on product information at time of publication.

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