Cold-Weather Operation for WPG Products

Cold-Weather Operation: What You Need to Know

The following ratings ensure reliable operation of Wood’s Powr-Grip® vacuum lifters and hand cups, based on product testing and component specifications, including variations among gauges, pumps and batteries.


DC Below-the-Hook Vacuum Lifters

Operating Temperatures:  32 -104° F (0 – 40° C)

Lifters are not designed for use at temperatures below 32° F or above 104° F (0 & 40° C).

Do not operate a lifter when the battery charge registers less than 50%.


Tips for Using Lifters in Cold Weather

Wood’s Powr-Grip cannot guarantee that lifters used outside the specifications will function correctly in any particular instance.
Occasionally, the following steps can be taken to successfully use vacuum lifters outside of specifications:

  • Always store lifter indoors at room temperature.
  • Do not use older vacuum pads.
  • Empty all air filters to ensure water does not freeze inside.
  • Make sure load is dry and free of frost or ice on its surface.
  • Warm battery to 70° F (21° C) and charge fully. Reinstall battery just before lifting.
    Note: Battery charge will not last as long in cold temperatures.


Hand-Held Vacuum Cups

Operating Temperatures for most Hand Cups: 10 – 120° F (-12 – 49° C)

If the temperature goes below 10° F, pumps can leak, making it difficult to maintain adequate vacuum. Also, the pad becomes very stiff in extremely cold weather, reducing its ability to conform to load surfaces.


In General

These are some general guidelines to follow when it comes to using your hand cup or vacuum lifter in extreme temperatures. However, individual products can be rated differently from the information given above, so check your instructions to be certain. Feel free to contact WPG with any questions.