Exchange and Repair

Exchange Program for WPG Vacuum Cups

Any of the cups listed below (regardless of condition) can be returned for an equal number of reduced cost re-manufactured cups.

The following Vacuum Cups qualify for the Exchange Program:

(!) Please include the Exchange, Repair & Warranty Return Form and attach the Shipping Label.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my vacuum cups for the Exchange Program? »

Include the Exchange, Repair & Warranty Return Form.
Shipping Label is available here.

If in North America, please send cups to :
Wood’s Powr-Grip Co., Inc.
908 West Main Street
Laurel, MT 59044

You will be billed for any non-warranty services provided and the return postage. All exchange cups are shipped Ground unless you request different.

You can ship the vacuum cup in its protective carrying case – we will supply a new one.
Note: Most carriers accept N-Series cases without any other packing. Please securely tape them shut though.

For purchases outside of North America

Return the product to point of purchase.

Can other Wood's Powr-Grip cups be returned for repair? »

Yes. Any vacuum cup not listed above may be returned for repair, since it is not eligible for the Exchange Program.

Troubleshooting and repair guides for cups can be found here.

Is my vacuum cup covered under warranty? »

Wood’s Powr-Grip vacuum cups are warranted for one year after sale.


– Rubber portions have been cut or scratched during use.
– Repairs are required due to abnormal wear and tear.
– The product has been abused, misused or neglected.
– Alterations have been made to the product.

If the problem is with us, the manufacturer, repairs will be done free of charge.

We start repairs on non-warranty items immediately, unless you include a written statement that you want pricing first.
Otherwise, the customer assumes all responsibility for repair costs.

Do I need to return my cup with the case? »

NO.  You can keep your case as a spare if you want.  We will provide you with a new one.

What are the quality standards for Exchanged Cups? »

Re-manufactured (exchanged) vacuum cups pass the same inspections and tests as new products.

How long does it take to get my Exchange Cup? »

Depending on the size of the order, it generally takes 3 business days after we receive them.

NOTE: For quicker service, many dealers now stock Exchange Cups. Click the FAQ below to see which dealers stock Exchange Cups:

Which dealers offer discounted Exchange Cups? »

Equipment Repair

Note: Authorization for repair must be given within 30 days, or this lifter may be shipped back unrepaired or impounded and destroyed.

>For repairs in North America:

Please include the Equipment Repair Form and attach the Shipping Label.

  • Complete the Equipment Repair Form and include it inside the equipment crate/package.
  • Send package with freight paid to:
    Wood’s Powr-Grip Co., Inc.
    908 West Main Street
    Laurel, MT 59044

NOTE:  All non-warranty freight charges will be billed to the customer. If not under warranty, we will quote you a cost.  If accepted, you will be charged when you get your equipment back.

>For repairs outside of North America:

Factory repair services outside of North America »




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