A Holiday Message from WPG's CEO

Every New Year, each of us resolves to improve. We set goals to be more efficient, to work harder and be more productive. The list seems simple enough at the beginning of the year. But if you are like me, each year you think, "It simply cannot be the holiday season already! I still have so much that I want to accomplish this year. A year seems like such a long time - how could I not have gotten everything done? I worked hard during the year; it's not like I took the year off. The goals I set were realistic." A couple of sub-zero cold spells, and the next thing you know, it's December. Believe it or not, this year is just about in the history books. Now is the time to put a new list together and resolve to make 2015 the most productive year ever! christmas14Like the tip of an iceberg, productivity is the small part we see. In truth it is what lies beneath that makes a difference and drives us forward. It is the meaningful relationships that we have developed over the years with our Dealers and our customers that keep us afloat. And it is our employees' willingness, innovative thinking and dedication that drives us forward. To all, I would like to express my sincere thanks for your loyalty and all your hard work. However, before we set sail on a new course towards record levels of productivity, we all know what the best thing to do is: Take a vacation. With that in mind, we will be closing up shop between Christmas Eve and the New Year, so we can recharge, spend time with our families and friends, and prepare ourselves for the greatness that lies ahead in 2015. Have a wonderful holiday season, and please take this time of year to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Doing so will make Christmas even brighter and the New Year even more joyous. Sincerely,

Bryan Wood, CEO