Design Engineer

Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M


The basic function of the Design Engineer is to provide engineering support to sales, production and project development as needed, provides engineering and drafting on a day to day basis. The Design Engineer will also be required to do any and all tasks deemed necessary by his or her supervisor for the safe and efficient operation of the company


This position requires the following minimum qualifications: ABET accredited B.S. Engineering Degree; driver’s license; must be a self-starter and must be able to work under pressure; ability to communicate verbally and in writing effectively to the extent required by the position; ability to communicate verbally and in writing effectively to the extent required by the position, in particular with the ability to explain technical concepts to non-technically oriented people; ability to effectively and cooperatively work with other people both in and outside the company; familiar with mechanical drafting standard; proficient in solid modeling; acquainted with manufacturing machinery and tools and their usage; technical, report and instruction writing ability; understanding of Structural Mechanics theory and analysis; understanding of basic electrical principles; ability to understand and interpret technical and non-technical written and verbal information and instructions; working knowledge of CADD; drafting skills; proficient in use of measuring tools such as calipers and micrometers; understanding of Arabic and Metric measurement; must be competent in both 3-D and perspective drawings; understanding of simple statics, mechanics, and electrical systems; ability to speak, write and understand English; ability to read and understand mechanical and engineering drawings; add, subtract, multiply, divide, statistics, Algebra, and Trigonometry as required by the demand of the position; must be able to evaluate product specifications and tolerances; must be comfortable evaluating physics, metallurgical, chemical, and similar problems; must have strong mechanical skills and an understanding of general production techniques; must be able to evaluate mechanical interactions and solve problems related to machinery; must be able to imagine three dimensional objects and visualize the effect of rotating them; and, must be able to meet the working conditions and physical demands identified below.


This position will primarily be office-based, but there will be occasions requiring some work on the production floor. Production floor environments which can include frequent exposure to noise, heat, welding fumes, and dust and occasional exposure to hazardous chemicals.

The position requires the employee possess all body senses, which may include the ability to distinguish colors. Must be able to consistently work in the environment identified above. Must be able to walk, sit, stand, bend, reach, and carry throughout the shifts identified above. Must be able to consistently lift 50 lbs. from a floor or table position to chest high using a proper lifting technique and repetitively use arms, hands, and fingers in the manipulation of parts. Must demonstrate good hand/eye coordination and demonstrate good manual dexterity. Must be able to perform all necessary functions throughout the shifts identified above, on a continuing basis; must be able to repetitively use arms, hands, and fingers in the manipulation of parts; must be willing to travel for extended periods of up to a week at a time; and must be able to stand for 8 hour day. Must be able to write, use assorted office equipment and all pertinent software, calculator, and copier.

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