The WPG App for Intelli-Grip Lifters

Use your phone to monitor the status of vacuum lifters


better informationImproved information accessibility:
The lifter's vacuum gauges and LCD screen provide critical data, but the app offers the same information in greater detail at your fingertips.
increased safetyEnhanced workplace safety:
For operators handling multi-story installations, viewing information from greater distances is ideal. Additionally, supervisors can monitor multiple lifters at a job site.
update softwareStay current with Intelli-Grip advancements:
The app allows for software updates to be installed for lifters.

What Lifters Will the App Work With?

Intelli-Grip Lifters made after May 2019 will be App ready.

Intelli-Grip Lifters made before then can be upgraded with this device to be compatible.

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