Plunger Assembly with Low Vacuum Audio Alarm

Estoque: 90524AM
Modelo : 90524AM

In situations where it is not possible to see the red line indicator, this alarm provides an audible warning of low vacuum not sufficient for lifting. This helps prevent unexpected release of loads.

Preço Sugerido ao Consumidor : US$ 63,00



  • Automatic power switch makes operation effortless.
  • Ideal for use with Hand Cup Frames (VL2MAN and HF-6000) and other products that use hand cups not held by the user.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Comes with battery and a one-year limited warranty.


Modelo 90524AM
SKU 90524AM
Sistema de energia One AAA, 1.2-1.5 volt battery
Informação Elétrica Battery Life: provides 30 hours of continuous tone
Informacão Adicional Volume: 70 dBa at 36" [91 cm]