Production of Glass, Sheet Metal and Other Materials is BIG Business

WPG High-Duty Lifters Can Help You be a Part of It!   In 2019, US Glass Production alone accounted for $30 billion in revenue, with a steady trend of increasing profits.[1] To support this economic growth, Wood’s Powr-Grip® has designed a better series of High-Duty MRPT Vacuum Lifters to handle glass manufacturing and other production… Read more »

A Christmas message from Bryan

Happy Holidays, With each passing year I find it becomes easier to take for granted the many blessings in my life.  Instead of being thankful for all the good things, I catch myself worrying about often-insignificant things.  The crazy thing is I know that I’m happier when I focus on being grateful rather than dwell… Read more »

Powr-Grip Employees Embrace Power of Christmastime Donating

by Lee Ann Wood The people at Wood’s Powr-Grip feel strongly that, as a company based in the small town of Laurel, Montana, it’s important to give back to the community where we live and work. In past years, our efforts included making Christmastime donations to Toys For Tots. More recently, however, we turned our focus to… Read more »

Glass is Getting Bigger – How Will You Handle It?

Architects and builders like to dream big, so the glass they use is getting bigger too. In just the last ten years, we’ve seen glass panes weighing 2,000 lbs up to over 4,000 lbs! For glass this big, you’re going to need several things for a successful install: Large, reliable vacuum lifters. Safely lifting heavy glass… Read more »

Leasing Options for Big Glass Installs

WPG Adds TWO GIANTS to its Lease Fleet There is a growing demand from the construction industry for larger glass, curtain wall and architectural panels. When you are in need of a vacuum lifter to install large glass units, check out WPG’s leasing program. Now available for lease are two giants: the MR2411LDCS and the… Read more »

Big Glass Requires BIG Solutions

When you have to lift big, BIG glass, you’re going to need something entirely new to handle it. To build big, you’ll need one of the largest lifters we’ve ever designed: the MR2411LDC3S. This lifter… handles glass over 30 feet (9.1 meters) in length has a capacity of 4200 lbs (1905 kg) comes equipped with Intelli-Grip… Read more »

The New Stone Age

by David Peters It’s 2009.  Stone markets around the world are tanking.  Imports to the US are half of what they were just 3 years earlier in 2006.  Stone shop owners are struggling to keep the doors open.  Many don’t make the trip. Fast-forward to 2016.  For the past 4 years, the stone market has… Read more »

A Piece of History at Wood’s Powr-Grip

by Jake Knaub In the year 1955, the United States announced a plan to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles; rockets able to deliver nuclear warheads across the globe. That same year, the Warsaw Pact was signed as the Soviet reply to NATO, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were born, and the Vietnam War began. 1955 was… Read more »

When Glass Installation Throws You a Curve

by Holly Anderson Architects sure know how to draw up some beautiful structures, don’t they? Futuristic lines, dramatic urban fabrics: these buzzwords might really appeal to building owners, but they probably give glaziers a knot in their stomach. And when the plans call for a 3000 lb [1360 kg] piece of curved glass, you’re left… Read more »

The Wood’s Powr-Grip® Cladding Lifter

by David Peters The DC-powered Cladding Lifter (model MTCL6FS625DC) is an ideal tool when working with insulated metal panels (IMP’s) and other cladding materials. Buildings using prefabricated materials, like various cladding goods, are economical, efficient, and quick to assemble. The Cladding Lifter multiplies these effects, saving you time and money. The lifter achieves its usefulness in cladding installation by using specialized… Read more »