A Christmas Message from WPG’s CEO

Technology is great. So why is it so frustrating? I hate that I feel obligated to scan every incoming message, just in case I am holding up progress because I did not respond to someone in time. I hate that I expect others to constantly monitor their messages so that, on a whim, I can… Read more »

Leasing Options for Big Glass Installs

WPG Adds TWO GIANTS to its Lease Fleet There is a growing demand from the construction industry for larger glass, curtain wall and architectural panels. When you are in need of a vacuum lifter to install large glass units, check out WPG’s leasing program. Now available for lease are two giants: the MR2411LDCS and the… Read more »

Big Glass Requires BIG Solutions

When you have to lift big, BIG glass, you’re going to need something entirely new to handle it. To build big, you’ll need one of the largest lifters we’ve ever designed: the MR2411LDC3S. This lifter… handles glass over 30 feet (9.1 meters) in length has a capacity of 4200 lbs (1905 kg) comes equipped with Intelli-Grip… Read more »

A Christmas Message from WPG’s CEO

Following a long and divisive year, we are once again reminded of just how troubled and ugly the political process can be. Many people try to convince us that our country—maybe even the world—is in a precarious position.  Other people go further, and actually seem to delight in making that gloomy prediction. Every chance they… Read more »

The New Stone Age

by David Peters It’s 2009.  Stone markets around the world are tanking.  Imports to the US are half of what they were just 3 years earlier in 2006.  Stone shop owners are struggling to keep the doors open.  Many don’t make the trip. Fast-forward to 2016.  For the past 4 years, the stone market has… Read more »