Service Bulletins

Using Secondary Restraints When Using Vacuum Lifters

Date Issued:  September, 2019
Bulletin: ServiceBulletin2019-01

Potential Injury and Damage from Improper P1 Lift Bar Orientation

Date Issued:  December, 2015
Bulletin: ServiceBulletin2015-01

Vacuum Pad Maintenance & Care

Date Issued:  December, 2013
Bulletin: Service Bulletin 2013-02

Rotary Vane Pumps

Date Issued:  May, 2013
Bulletin: Service Bulletin 2013-01

Manual Valve Adjustment

Date Issued: August 21, 2012
Bulletin:  Service Bulletin 2012-01

Faulty Quick Connectors

Date Issued: November 9, 2011
Service Bulletin: Service Bulletin 2011-02

Operating Temperatures and Battery Charge for DC Vacuum Lifters

Date Issued: January 6, 2011
Service Bulletin: Service Bulletin 2011-01

Inadequate Power May Cause Solenoid Control Malfunction

Date Issued: Nov 10, 2010
Service Bulletin: Service Bulletin 2010-01