"Flip" Cups vs. "Pump" Suction Cups - Know the Difference

Key Takeaways - Pump-Action Suction Cups Offer Clear Advantages:

  • Safest suction cups on the market
  • No unexpected releases thanks to visual vacuum indicator
  • Highest load capacity available
  • Quick and easy attachment to loads
  • Most reliable grip throughout the entire lift
  • Best value on the market
Hand-Held Suction Cup with Manual Pump

If you have used any other suction cups except for Wood's PowrGrip® pump or "piston" cups, you have not lifted with the safest suction cups available. Wood's Powr-Grip tests each suction cup and employs the highest safety factors in the industry. Powr-Grip suction cups feature our patented vacuum indicator: when the suction cup is ready to lift a load, a red line visually indicates it to the user. With lever suction cups, you never know if the grip is strong enough to lift. In contrast, Wood's Powr-Grip piston cups warn the user of any possible vacuum loss. If the red line appears during a lift, an integrated check valve allows you to re-pump the suction cup while still attached.

When it comes to load capacity, Wood's Powr-Grip piston cups easily surpass the competition. Some manufacturers claim that lever suction cups have a larger load capacity. But they can only do so because they refuse to offer the superior safety ratings employed by Wood's Powr-Grip. In a parallel comparison of different suction cups with the same loads and surface areas, Wood's Powr-Grip piston cups would lift more each time because they achieve a higher vacuum level than lever suction cups.

Wood's Powr-Grip piston cups adhere more easily to awkward loads than lever suction cups. Don't deal with awkward loads by trying to achieve a firm grip by pressing the suction cup while pulling the lever. Just pump and let our suction cups adhere to the load by themselves. This gives you more time and energy to lift and maneuver the load.

When lifting heavy loads, you want to know that your suction cup is reliable and will hold throughout the entire lift. With Wood's Powr-Grip suction cups, the piston effectively removes air between the rubber of the suction cup and the surface of the load, creating a much more reliable grip than lever suction cups. The entire face of the suction cup remains in contact with the load surface, reducing stress and the risk of damaging the load. Additionally, the red-line indicator warns you of any loss of grip. As a result, you can lift materials and maneuver more safely for a longer period.

Wood's Powr-Grip manual pump cups are truly the best value on the market for many reasons: Our products are precision-manufactured, machine-tested, and come with a one-year warranty. Choose the best and work with the suction cup that combines safety and durability, giving you the most reliable cup on the market. With the highest safety ratings, the red-line vacuum indicator, and the strongest grip, Wood's Powr-Grip pump cups offer you more than any other suction cup on the market in terms of quality, reliability, and convenience.