Glass is Getting Bigger - How Will You Handle It?

Architects and builders like to dream big, so the glass they use is getting bigger too.

In just the last ten years, we’ve seen glass panes weighing 2,000 lbs up to over 4,000 lbs!

For glass this big, you’re going to need several things for a successful install:

  • Large, reliable vacuum lifters. Safely lifting heavy glass is the name of the game.
  • Long-term planning. Larger lifters mean longer lead times. Building these machines takes time!
  • Flexible options. Companies regularly taking on huge construction projects are best off buying a large lifter.
    For others, leasing is quicker and more efficient.

Our Solutions For You

Wood’s Powr-Grip is dedicated in making your big glass installs a success. We have several solutions available for you, including:

Lifter Lease Fleet

With leasing, the lead times are much shorter. In addition, you won’t have to pay for storage or routine maintenance.

See Our Lease Fleet

A Variety of High Capacity Lifters

These vacuum lifters handle big glass, and each has unique features and benefits –

View High Capacity Lifters

Custom Vacuum Lifters

If we don’t already have what you need, our Engineering team can design a lifter to your exact specifications.

Request Custom Design

As glass gets bigger and our skylines grow, Wood’s Powr-Grip will be there, helping you get the job done right.