All I Want For Christmas

by David Peters Santa sat sipping his tea, reviewing his naughty and nice list one final time in preparation for his early morning Christmas outing. Suddenly, the front door burst open, flooding the room with a bitter cold breeze. With a start, Santa spun in his chair to see what was the matter. There, towering at latch level in the… Read more »

Your Connection to Ag Industry Profits? Powr-Grip Mounting Cups!

by Byron LaRue Ever since James Oliver invented the chilled plow in 1868, new technologies have been driving the agricultural industry forward. Over the intervening years, new inventions have continuously offered farmers greater yields, while using less labor-intensive farming methods. One of the most successful trends in modern… Read more »

Test Trouble with Troubleshooting

by David Peters The trouble with troubleshooting and maintenance is that it can be, well, a lot of trouble. After borrowing this tool from one neighbor, and that part from another (not to mention multiple trips to the hardware store), you get the job done - maybe. Often, the results are less than ideal. Maintaining and troubleshooting… Read more »

WPG's New Counter-Balancer Makes Light Work of Heavy Jobs

Mere months ago, Wood's Powr-Grip® introduced the CB2DCS Counterbalance Lifter for installing windows, Plexiglas® and other materials under overhangs or into other hard-to-reach places. By extending the load forward from the crane's cable through the use of a movable counterweight, otherwise difficult or dangerous installations are made… Read more »

Camera Mounts for the (Last?) Holiday Season

by David Peters I cannot stress enough how imperative it is that you plan now for the upcoming Christmas season - or the end of the world, (I don't know which because, unfortunately, I'm not Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus, and last year those inconsiderate ancient Mayans failed to send me a copy of their new calendar. All three have… Read more »

AFRL Wall Climbing Competition - ASU Spiderman

by David Peters How do you climb a vertical concrete wall if you haven't been bitten by a radio-active spider? Well the students at Arizona State University have come up with a solution that would even make Spidey do a double take. In the fall of 2011, the Air Force Research Laboratory presented a challenge to 16 universities across… Read more »

Wood's Powr-Grip Gives Great Dane a Lift

by David Peters Great Dane Limited Partnership®, manufacturer of Great Dane Trailers, is one of the largest refrigerated trailer manufacturers in the world. As you can imagine, when they do something, they do it big. And something big is exactly what they were looking for when they approached Wood's Powr-Grip to build a below-the-hook… Read more »

Custom Flat Lifter w/ Forklift Adapter

by David Peters At Wood's Powr-Grip, customers frequently approach us with a unique set of circumstances and enlist our help to find a material handling solution for their company. Such was the case recently when a prominent pharmaceutical company came to us looking for a double-barrel solution (a way to lift barrels with two different… Read more »

Wood's Powr-Grip Introduces New and Improved 9-Inch Vacuum Pad

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip is always searching for ways to improve its products, to provide the very best user experience possible. Some are minor tweaks, such as a bolt here or a nut there. Others include dramatic overhauls to accommodate our customers' needs. Recently, one such minor improvement has taken place. There was an… Read more »