New Mount Extensions Get You Over the Hump

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip has recently introduced a new feature that makes its below-the-hook vacuum lifters more versatile and useful. New Pad Mount Extensions are now available for many Powr-Grip lifters that are equipped with movable pad mounts, including the MRT4-DC and the MRTALP vacuum lifters. This new option allows… Read more »

High-Elevation Hand Cup Now Available

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip is proud to announce the addition of a very special hand cup for high elevations. For years, there has been a void in the vacuum lifting market when it comes to performance at higher elevations. Wood's N4100 is a new breed of vacuum cup that is specifically designed to fill this void and function at… Read more »

Powr-Grip Vacuum Lifters Improve Stone Handling

by Lisa Hagel Handling stone can be a difficult and sometimes hazardous job. That's why Wood's Powr-Grip's below-the-hook vacuum lifters are specifically designed to make stone handling easier and safer. These lifters are used for handling stone materials such as marble, granite, slate and even limestone and sandstone slabs, under… Read more »

Repair or Recertify Your Vacuum Lifter

by Katherine Bitz & Joe Landsverk Unfortunately, it is apparent from the news and the declining number of jobs that our economy is experiencing a downturn. As companies' job-jars have become less full, they are tightening their belts and working more efficiently in order to maximize profits. As production schedules become less… Read more »

The Lifter for Bulletproof Windshields

by David Peters When it comes to installing windshields and windows in a vehicle, nothing does it quite like the line-up of hand-held vacuum cups from Wood's Powr-Grip. The LJ6VH has a vertical handle and a concave vacuum pad that is ideal for curved or flat window installation. Additionally, the Powr-Grip Handi-Grip vacuum cups feature… Read more »

Get a Grip on Patterned Glass

Lifting, moving and positioning patterned glass can be a challenge! Did you know that Wood's Powr- Grip has hand-held vacuum cups designed for handling textured or patterned glass? Ideal for handling shower doors and windows with patterned, textured, cast and irregular surfaces, these special vacuum cups meet the challenge by using a… Read more »

WPG Donates Lifter Use to Zoo Montana

by David Peters On March 12th, in the hour before sunrise, a small, diverse group gathered on a 2-acre plot of land on the outskirts of Billings, MT. Predawn yawns were stifled by the steam rising from coffee cups in subfreezing weather. A white pickup truck pulling a small flat-bed trailer jostled into the space and came to a sliding… Read more »

WPG Lifter Capacity Design Factors

by Gary Bond A lot of outrageous claims are made when it comes to vacuum lifting devices: If the pads are bigger, it's obviously better. And if the frame is heavier, it will obviously lift more. Various countries and regions throughout the world have different standards and regulations regarding the design, construction and use of… Read more »

How Wind Affects Vacuum Cup Performance

by Jessica Smith When using a below-the-hook vacuum lifter to maneuver a heavy load, it is absolutely essential that control of that load is maintained throughout the entire process. For this reason, wind is one of the most important factors to consider before using a lifter. If the wind is blowing too hard, lifting may not be an option… Read more »

How Elevation Affects Vacuum Cup Performance

by Jessica Smith Key Points High elevations can reduce lifting capacity. If your location exceeds 5000 feet [1524 m], check the Specifications page of your instructions manual for the maximum operating elevation. When lifting in high elevations, be extra careful to make sure the vacuum pads and load material's surfaces are clean. … Read more »