A Breath of Fresh Air: P11104AIRS Vacuum Lifter

by David Peters For years, the Wood's Powr-Grip® DC-powered P1 Channel Lifter has been one of our top selling below-the-hook vacuum lifters. Recently, as a request for a specialized customer application, Wood's Powr-Grip designed a power system to accommodate a compressed air power source. The result: Wood's Powr-Grip announces the… Read more »

Powr-Press Vacuum Hold-Down: When You Need a Helping Hand

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip is pleased to announce the addition of the Powr-Press Vacuum Hold-Down to its growing line of vacuum tool solutions. The Powr-Press was originally conceived and designed to provide a fully adjustable, hands-free tool with strong hold-down action for automotive side moldings, glue-on windshield moldings… Read more »

New Air-Powered Vacuum Lifters with Integrated Air-Powered Hoist

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip is pleased to announce two versatile new below-the-hook vacuum lifters specifically designed to operate in production, manufacturing or fabrication environments: the PRH49AIRS and the PTH49AIRS. These vacuum lifters are exceptional in the Wood's line-up because they both come standard with an… Read more »

Low Vacuum Audio Alarm Now Available on WPG Hand Cups

by David Peters When working on the job, it's great to have a Wood's Powr-Grip hand-held vacuum cup: the red-line indicator warns of vacuum loss for added safety and peace of mind. But what if the red-line indicator is too far away to see? Or otherwise out of sight? Wood's Powr-Grip Engineers took aim and targeted the issue. After… Read more »

Texas-Sized Lifter Solves Curtain Wall Problem in Houston

by David Peters Over the years, Wood's Powr-Grip has been engaged to build custom vacuum lifters for rather unique jobs. From the Skywalk over the Grand Canyon to the control tower at O'Hare International, we have faced the challenge and risen to the task. As manufacturing processes become more sophisticated, contractors have noticed a… Read more »

New Mount Extensions Get You Over the Hump

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip has recently introduced a new feature that makes its below-the-hook vacuum lifters more versatile and useful. New Pad Mount Extensions are now available for many Powr-Grip lifters that are equipped with movable pad mounts, including the MRT4-DC and the MRTALP vacuum lifters. This new option allows… Read more »

High-Elevation Hand Cup Now Available

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip is proud to announce the addition of a very special hand cup for high elevations. For years, there has been a void in the vacuum lifting market when it comes to performance at higher elevations. Wood's N4100 is a new breed of vacuum cup that is specifically designed to fill this void and function at… Read more »

Powr-Grip Vacuum Lifters Improve Stone Handling

by Lisa Hagel Handling stone can be a difficult and sometimes hazardous job. That's why Wood's Powr-Grip's below-the-hook vacuum lifters are specifically designed to make stone handling easier and safer. These lifters are used for handling stone materials such as marble, granite, slate and even limestone and sandstone slabs, under… Read more »

Repair or Recertify Your Vacuum Lifter

by Katherine Bitz & Joe Landsverk Unfortunately, it is apparent from the news and the declining number of jobs that our economy is experiencing a downturn. As companies' job-jars have become less full, they are tightening their belts and working more efficiently in order to maximize profits. As production schedules become less… Read more »

The Lifter for Bulletproof Windshields

by David Peters When it comes to installing windshields and windows in a vehicle, nothing does it quite like the line-up of hand-held vacuum cups from Wood's Powr-Grip. The LJ6VH has a vertical handle and a concave vacuum pad that is ideal for curved or flat window installation. Additionally, the Powr-Grip Handi-Grip vacuum cups feature… Read more »