How Does Temperature Affect Your Vacuum Cups

by Jessica Smith Temperature Many owners and operators of Wood's Powr-Grip hand-held vacuum cups and below-the-hook vacuum lifters have expressed curiosity about the range of temperatures in which our products work. Although the answer contains several layers, do not fret, for Wood's Powr-Grip is on the case, and this explanation will… Read more »

Wood's Powr-Grip Releases New Lifter for Insulated Metal Panels

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip is pleased to announce the addition of a new low-profile vacuum lifter: the MRTALPR4. In addition to the advantages of other below-the-hook lifters in our low-profile series, this Powr-Grip rotator/tilter features a specially designed, adjustable pad frame with flexible vacuum pads and sliding pad… Read more »

New Vacuum Pad for Use on Coated Glass Surfaces

A Need for Lifters That Can Handle Coated Glass A year and a half ago, a large glass processing company needed a vacuum pad that could lift from the warm side of coated glass. It also could not leave any damaging mark or any residue on the surface. So our R&D Department at Wood's Powr-Grip set out to find just the right formula of… Read more »

WPG's Camera Mounts Move Into the PRO Arena

by David Peters Have you ever been out hydroplaning your moth in Sydney Harbor when suddenly you decide you want to photograph it coming out of the water? Or let's say you're chasing swirling vortices across the mid-western United States and you want to get a picture without getting wet or beat to death by hail! Or maybe you're out… Read more »

Lifting Curved Materials

by Joe Landsverk One of the frequent questions we get here at Wood's Powr-Grip is, "Can I lift curved glass with any of your products?" You may be surprised to learn, the answer is "Yes". Wood's Powr-grip has specifically designed a wide range of vacuum cups and lifters that can attach to curved or bent surfaces. View Our… Read more »

The MTCL Cladding Lifter and Leasing Options

by David Peters At Wood's Powr-Grip, we are constantly improving and expanding our product line to accommodate the needs of new industries world wide. Enter the new MTCL6FS625, a versatile vacuum lifter capable of handling metal panels, metal roofing and insulated panels in the cladding industry. Since its introduction on the cladding… Read more »

Woods Powr-Grip Custom Design Fills Hunter Douglas Needs

by David Peters Hunter Douglas works with architects and designers throughout the world, helping to lift original ideas off the drawing board and into reality. Their sun-control solutions, suspended ceilings, ventilated façade systems, and translucent materials have helped create some of the world's most sustainable and recognizable… Read more »

The P1-02 Lifter Can Save You Money - And Make You Money!

by David Peters In the short time it has been in existence, the Wood's Powr-Grip P1-02 vacuum lifter has gained a great deal of popularity and respect. This mighty little lifter is primarily being used for the handling and installation of smaller commercial and residential windows. With its low cost and its versatility, the P1 Compact… Read more »

Subaru Uses Powr-Grip Products in Their Ride-Along Campaign

by David Peters Subaru is running a new ad campaign showcasing the Subaru WRX/STI. In this campaign, people off the street are treated to a wild ride, courtesy of a professional stunt driver. To provide video of the action, and catch the reaction of the passengers on camera, several of Wood's Powr-Grip's vacuum mounting products were… Read more »

MR16 Vacuum Lifter

by David Peters Recently, Wood's Powr-Grip was asked to design and build a custom lifter, intended for a special job. Glass Solutions, Inc. out of Illinois had a job that required the installation of heavy glass curtain wall. The curtain wall panels would be 427" [1085 cm] long and 39" [99 cm] wide and weigh in around 4,000 lbs [1814… Read more »