Woods Powr-Grip: The Stowaway Tilt TableProduct Reboot!

The Stowaway Tilt Table - Product Reboot!

by David Peters

As you may recall, Wood's Powr-Grip introduced this tilting work table some years ago, primarily for the glass industry. As a portable cutting table that can tilt, transport glass and be stored easily in small places, the Stowaway (model STT1) generated a lot of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, many customers found the price point somewhat daunting, particularly given the freight charges required to ship the STT1 assembled.

Consequently, Powr-Grip has now re-engineered the Stowaway to address these issues: The new STT1 has all the advantages of the previous model, plus a streamlined production process, to reduce the cost to dealers and end-users. We have also increased stability in the new design, improving what was already an extremely capable product. Finally, the new Stowaway also breaks down for shipping, reducing those costs as well.

Nylon washers make movements smooth and quiet. Nylon rollers support glass, laminate or other sheet materials when tilted and can be moved out of the way when not needed. The rollers make it easy to load materials on the table for transport around the shop. The rotation of the rollers facilitates placement, while the nylon composition of the rollers prevents damage to the supporting edge of your material. Once you place the material on the table in its A-frame configuration, you can easily transport it around the shop with minimal effort.

When you arrive at the work location, the Stowaway Tilt Table wheels are equipped with manual brakes to prevent unwanted wandering of the table. Simply step down on the metal tabs on the side of the wheels to engage the brakes. Once the table is in position, placing it in a horizontal configuration for material access is a breeze. Simply unlock the frame in the back and lower the table legs gently to the ground. Then, lower and lock the table top into place.

The Tilt Table is available with a generous work surface of 69-1/4" x 96" [176 x 244 cm] and a rugged, long-lasting felt-covered top, designed to reduce vacuum stick when used for cutting glass or other nonporous materials. High-strength construction provides durability without excess weight. Crossed support legs ensure a rigid and stable, 35-1/2" [90 cm] high work surface with 500 lbs [225 kg] load capacity.

When you're done working on the table in its horizontal orientation, it's a snap to release the table top, raise it to the vertical position, and then lift the legs to lock them in place. Release the wheel brakes by stepping on the metal wing tabs, and the table is ready to stow or roll. With its compact, 27" [69 cm] deep x 83" [211 cm] high profile, the Stowaway is easy to stow against a wall, roll along narrow aisles, slip through doorways, and fit on freight elevators. Weighing 414 lbs [188 kg], it can even be transported to a job site. Used as a rack for glass or other sheet materials, the Stowaway can be loaded from the front or from the side!

The Stowaway Tilt Table comes in two configurations: the standard kit and the basic kit. The standard kit includes a felt-covered, plywood table top that is great for use with glass, Plexiglas®, plastic or other materials that require protection during the fabrication process. The basic kit ships without this table top, for customers who need to source a custom table top for their specific applications. The basic version also significantly reduces shipping costs for overseas customers.

Whether you're working on glass, stone, Plexiglas®, sheet metal, or any other flat, nonporous material, the Wood's Powr-Grip Stowaway Tilt Table stands ready to lend a helping hand. Redesigned and ready for action, the Stowaway Tilt Table from Wood's Powr-Grip is a fantastic addition to glass shops, fabrication shops and contractors everywhere. If you haven't seen the newly redesigned Stowaway Tilt Table, it's time to give it a second look!

David Peters had more than 30 years experience in sales and marketing. He was the marketing associate for Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc., responsible for interactive marketing, tracking, market research and new product introduction.