MR16 Vacuum Lifter

by David Peters Recently, Wood's Powr-Grip was asked to design and build a custom lifter, intended for a special job. Glass Solutions, Inc. out of Illinois had a job that required the installation of heavy glass curtain wall. The curtain wall panels would be 427" [1085 cm] long and 39" [99 cm] wide and weigh in around 4,000 lbs [1814… Read more »

Wood's Powr-Grip Offers a Variety of Mounting Solutions

by David Peters If you know Wood's Powr-Grip, you know that vacuum cups are widely used for lifting and maneuvering a variety of materials, such as glass, stone slabs, appliances, etc. But did you also know Powr-Grip offers many types of vacuum cups that can be used as a base for mounting a wide range of items? Our mounting cups can… Read more »

Wood's Powr-Grip Flat Lifters

by David Peters In the late 1960's, Howard Wood developed and patented a battery-powered, sealed foam vacuum lifter capable of lifting loads up to 600 lbs [270 kg]. Intended for use with overhead cranes and hoists, this design signaled the birth of modern day below-the-hook Flat Lifters. Over time, a wide variety of manual, AC, DC and… Read more »

Forklift Adapter

by David Peters Put that forklift at the back of the shop to good use and improve your bottom line. Adding the Wood's Powr-Grip MRT Forklift Adapter to your arsenal of time saving tools brings to light a whole new dimension of capability and versatility. Used in conjunction with the Wood's Powr-Grip line of Manual Rotator/Tilters… Read more »

Handling Solutions from Wood's Powr-Grip for Insulated Metal Buildings

by Lisa Hagel Since 1964, Wood's Powr-Grip has been the industry leader in the use of hand-held vacuum cups and below-the-hook vacuum lifters for glass handling. As Wood's Powr-Grip continues to make glass handling more efficient, ergonomic and secure through innovative engineering, we understand the critical role our products play for… Read more »

How Vacuum Cups Can Improve Movie Making

by David Peters The quest of every director is to put the film in the can on time and below budget. While the element of time is always a challenge, the thoughtful selection of equipment for the job can do a lot to make sense and add creativity to a project. One of the often overlooked elements in both high-budget and low-budget film… Read more »

A Breath of Fresh Air: P11104AIRS Vacuum Lifter

by David Peters For years, the Wood's Powr-Grip® DC-powered P1 Channel Lifter has been one of our top selling below-the-hook vacuum lifters. Recently, as a request for a specialized customer application, Wood's Powr-Grip designed a power system to accommodate a compressed air power source. The result: Wood's Powr-Grip announces the… Read more »

Powr-Press Vacuum Hold-Down: When You Need a Helping Hand

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip is pleased to announce the addition of the Powr-Press Vacuum Hold-Down to its growing line of vacuum tool solutions. The Powr-Press was originally conceived and designed to provide a fully adjustable, hands-free tool with strong hold-down action for automotive side moldings, glue-on windshield moldings… Read more »

New Air-Powered Vacuum Lifters with Integrated Air-Powered Hoist

by David Peters Wood's Powr-Grip is pleased to announce two versatile new below-the-hook vacuum lifters specifically designed to operate in production, manufacturing or fabrication environments: the PRH49AIRS and the PTH49AIRS. These vacuum lifters are exceptional in the Wood's line-up because they both come standard with an… Read more »

Low Vacuum Audio Alarm Now Available on WPG Hand Cups

by David Peters When working on the job, it's great to have a Wood's Powr-Grip hand-held vacuum cup: the red-line indicator warns of vacuum loss for added safety and peace of mind. But what if the red-line indicator is too far away to see? Or otherwise out of sight? Wood's Powr-Grip Engineers took aim and targeted the issue. After… Read more »