245 IMP's Installed in Just Eight Days

by Jake Knaub In just eight days, workers installed 245 Insulated Metal Panels (IMP's) to erect a 17,500 square-foot [1,626 m2] addition to WPG's manufacturing facility. The construction crew was briefly trained in the use of WPG lifters with IMP's, and within a day they had developed an efficient installation routine. Thanks to their… Read more »

Safety is Standard

by Gary Bond Keeping the workplace safe is a primary concern in the construction industry - especially when working with glass, stone or large panels. To further the goal of workplace safety, Wood's Powr-Grip utilizes standards set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). ASME B30.20 is a consensus safety… Read more »

7 Ways to Save Money this Construction Season

by David Peters With peak construction season upon us, many companies are faced with hard decisions that could affect their futures in business. One important factor may be deciding whether to lease or buy the equipment needed for a specific job. Leasing the necessary equipment can certainly be a viable alternative to buying! Here… Read more »

WPG Adds TWO GIANTS To Its Lease Fleet

With growing demand from the construction industry for larger glass, curtain wall and architectural panels, Woods Powr-Grip® has stepped up by adding two new giants to its lease fleet: the MR2411LDCS and the CB3DCS. The MR2411LDCS 360° manual rotator is a lifting solution well suited to the installation of large curtain wall or… Read more »

Coated Surfaces - Can You Handle It?

by Jake Knaub Operating Instructions specify the weight your Wood's Powr-Grip® lifter can handle. However several things can affect the load capacity of a below-the-hook vacuum lifter. For example, the capacity is calculated for materials with clean, dry, smooth, nonporous surfaces and a friction coefficient of 1. If your material does… Read more »

Let Us Fix You Up with Some Repair Skills

by Jake Knaub When handling construction materials like glass, insulated metal panels, or stone, accidents can result in costly damages and even loss of lives. Maintaining lifting equipment and ensuring it's free from damage is crucial in preventing such incidents. At Wood's Powr-Grip®, we're dedicated to creating a safer work… Read more »

NGA Announces Launch of WorldofGlassMap.com

Industry News As a member of the National Glass Association, we would like to share this recent press release with you. The National Glass Association and Glass Magazine Launch WorldofGlassMap.com The National Glass Association (NGA) and Glass Magazine, the official magazine of NGA, are pleased to announce the launch of… Read more »

Tackling the Future Hands-On

by Jake Knaub At Wood's Powr-Grip we have witnessed the growth of Insulated Metal Panels (IMP's) in construction for several years now. The widespread use of IMP's in Europe has begun to flow into the United States, slashing labor costs, raising thermal efficiency, lengthening building lifespan, and reducing building maintenance. Our… Read more »

Bryan Wood Elected Chair of the Montana Manufacturing Association

Bryan Wood of Wood's Powr-Grip in Laurel, Montana was elected Chair of the Montana Manufacturing Association. Montanufacturing the e-newsletter of the Montana Manufacturing Association January 2016 Leadership Change for Association Bryan WoodBryan Wood of Wood's Powr-Grip in Laurel was elected Chair of the… Read more »

Giving Into The Season

It's the holiday time of the year, the time when almost everyone gets into the spirit of giving. We reflect on the events of the past year and resolve to do what we can to make the new year more meaningful. While giving is almost expected during this season, it's those who give freely throughout the year that make the biggest impact in… Read more »