Coated Surfaces - Can You Handle It?

by Jake Knaub Operating Instructions specify the weight your Wood's Powr-Grip® lifter can handle. However several things can affect the load capacity of a below-the-hook vacuum lifter. For example, the capacity is calculated for materials with clean, dry, smooth, nonporous surfaces and a friction coefficient of 1. If your material does… Read more »

Let Us Fix You Up with Some Repair Skills

by Jake Knaub Whenever you are handling glass, insulated metal panels, stone, or other construction materials, accidents can cost both money and lives. Making sure that lifting equipment is maintained correctly and free from damage can be a powerful tool in preventing the loss of life, limb and property. Wood's Powr-Grip® is devoted to… Read more »

NGA Announces Launch of

Industry News As a member of the National Glass Association, we would like to share this recent press release with you. The National Glass Association and Glass Magazine Launch The National Glass Association (NGA) and Glass Magazine, the official magazine of NGA, are pleased to announce the launch of… Read more »

Tackling the Future Hands-On

by Jake Knaub At Wood's Powr-Grip we have witnessed the growth of Insulated Metal Panels (IMP's) in construction for several years now. The widespread use of IMP's in Europe has begun to flow into the United States, slashing labor costs, raising thermal efficiency, lengthening building lifespan, and reducing building maintenance. Our… Read more »

Bryan Wood Elected Chair of the Montana Manufacturing Association

Bryan Wood of Wood's Powr-Grip in Laurel, Montana was elected Chair of the Montana Manufacturing Association. Montanufacturing the e-newsletter of the Montana Manufacturing Association January 2016 Leadership Change for Association Bryan WoodBryan Wood of Wood's Powr-Grip in Laurel was elected Chair of the… Read more »

A Holiday Message from Our CEO

Flying 55' insulated metal roof panels with the WPG Panel Master As we wind down 2015, I look back and am again struck with the reality that I have a lot to be thankful for. This being said, I am not oblivious to the senseless acts of violence and injustices many people in our world are enduring. With each mind numbing report I hear,… Read more »

Giving Into The Season

It's the holiday time of the year, the time when almost everyone gets into the spirit of giving. We reflect on the events of the past year and resolve to do what we can to make the new year more meaningful. While giving is almost expected during this season, it's those who give freely throughout the year that make the biggest impact in… Read more »

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

by David Peters Here we are again, doing the Christmas gift giving thing. The Internet sure has made it a lot nicer. You can find almost anything in the world on the Internet, and it's easy (sometimes way too easy) just to click the mouse, and voila- you're done shopping for the season. The buying may be simpler, but figuring out what… Read more »

Tools that Make Solar Panel Installation Easier

article courtesy of Modernize We at Modernize know that workers who are tasked with installing solar panels on homes and businesses face several dangers inherent to the job. While they do their best to be careful and get the job done well, sometimes hazardous conditions can cause accidents or, at the very least, decrease efficiency.… Read more »

Forklift-Adapted Vacuum Lifting Solutions

by David Peters The forklift is one piece of equipment that can be found in almost every manufacturing facility. It is routinely used to transport pallets of raw materials and finished products around the plant for warehousing, stocking, shipping and receiving. After completing mundane daily chores, the forklift sits silently abandoned… Read more »