WPG Adds TWO GIANTS To Its Lease Fleet

With growing demand from the construction industry for larger glass, curtain wall and architectural panels, Woods Powr-Grip® has stepped up by adding two new giants to its lease fleet: the MR2411LDCS and the CB3DCS.
The MR2411LDCS 360° manual rotator is a lifting solution well suited to the installation of large curtain wall or unitized glazing systems. With a maximum lifting capacity of 4200 lbs. [1905 kg] and maximum pad spread of 68 x 162 [1727 mm x 4115 mm], this truly is the heavyweight champion for these applications. Removable outer pad frame sections allow reconfiguration of the frame to accommodate a variety of different load dimensions, maximizing support and rigidity for the curtain wall or unitized panel during lift and installation. 360° rotation locks at every 22.5° to enable precise positioning of large architectural panels. The lifter's on-board, 12 volt battery system packs enough energy for a full day's work and enables cord-free operation from any crane or overhead hoist. Because the lifter attaches directly to the face of the load, the edges of the curtain wall or unitized panel are unencumbered. This allows quick, easy access to anchoring systems, which speeds installation by eliminating attachment and removal of lifting hardware and slings. To further speed operations, spring-mounted vacuum pads help compensate for load deflection or slightly uneven loads when the vacuum is established, while a blow-off function reverses airflow in the vacuum system to facilitate rapid release of the load. A variety of standard and optional features help to enhance operator safety and convenience, further increasing the MR2411LDCSs value to building envelope specialists. The next new addition to WPGs Lease Fleet enables installations under gables, overhangs or other obstacles. The CB3DCS Counter-Balancer (shown to the left with a MR1611LDC Vacuum Lifter attached) provides an extension of nearly 7 feet [more than 2 meters] and is capable of lifting loads of up to 2800 lbs. [1270 kg]. The CB3DCS is equipped with a bolt-on mount specifically designed for attachment of the WPG MR1611LDC Vacuum Lifter. A radio transmitter with a range of 250 feet [76 meters] enables remote operation of the CB3DCS. An amber strobe light on the unit alerts the crew that the load is being moved or released, while a white light indicates that the counterweight is in its forward-most position, enabling a smooth load release. With improved load capacity and increased safety and efficiency, the CB3DCS is a welcome addition to the WPG Lease Fleet.
MR2411LDCS MANUAL ROTATOR 4200 (DC) $1900.00 per week
MR1611LDC MANUAL ROTATOR 2800 (DC) $1000.00 per week

For additional information, please contact your Woods Powr-Grip Technical Sales Representative.