Pad Frame T-Arm Assemblies

Wood's Powr-Grip® Pad Frame T-Arm Assemblies increase the versatility of our MRT and MRTA series of below-the-hook vacuum lifters. These plug-in style pad frame extensions are specifically designed to enable MRT(A) vacuum lifters to handle insulated metal panels, cold storage panels and other cladding materials. By simply removing the… Read more »

The DC-Powered CB2 Counterbalance Lifter

by David Peters Counterbalance lifters allow glaziers to install large windows under soffits, gables, overhangs or similar obstructions in multi-story buildings and airport towers, by extending the load forward from the center of a crane's hook-point. Our new CB2DCS Counterbalance Lifter can handle loads of up to 1600 lbs [725 kg] and… Read more »

Lease a Lifter

An Alternative to Buying by David Peters So a job comes along that requires the horsepower of a serious vacuum lifter. It's one of those infrequent jobs that doesn't justify the purchase of the vacuum lifter necessary to complete the project, but the money is good, and the exposure is sure to bring your company more jobs in the future.… Read more »

The Wild Side of Powr-Grip

by Byron LaRue Spellbound, I stand with my nine-year-old daughter, watching river otters dive, twist and chase each other under water. We are so close, I could reach out and touch them, were it not for the thick glass between us and their pool, giving us a perfect view of their playful antics. I could spend hours here, but eventually my… Read more »

Don't Be Square - Go Round

In a recent meeting, a member of the WPG Sales Team mentioned that there had been quite a few inquiries lately regarding the merits of many round vacuum pads on a vacuum lifter, as compared to fewer square or rectangular vacuum pads. During the discussion that followed, Powr-Grip's Don Hayes composed this response: Some things are just… Read more »


by David Peters This time of the year, you hear it over and over again, "They are just so hard to buy for - I don't know what to get them, they have everything! I just can't think of anything to get for them." Holiday shopping can be a bear! But in this day and age of electronic gadgetry, surely there is something unique out there that… Read more »

WPG's Exchange & Repair Program

by Joe Landsverk Every day the ER staff stands ready! Suddenly, a bay door opens, a sharply dressed, uniformed attendant carefully transfers injured, over-worked, tired and aging vacuum cups onto waiting carts. Some days there are few incoming, some days many - regardless, within moments the injured are whisked away into the tender… Read more »

Keeping Safe Through Regular Maintenance of Your Powr-Grip Vacuum Lifter

by Byron LaRue It has been a long construction season. Your vacuum lifter has performed well. Now that things are slowing down, it's a good time to step back and take care of the tool that has helped you out and made you money on so many jobs. A little maintenance goes a long way in extending the life of your vacuum lifter. When we… Read more »

Build It and They Will Come

by David Peters Where would you expect to find a 65-foot-tall Ferris wheel, a shooting gallery, hundreds of exotic salt water fish and 24 flavors of Granny's delicious homemade fudge? If you said the county fair, while you may be technically correct, that's not the answer we were going for here. What we're talking about is 220,000… Read more »


by Andrew Pector Transporting glass in 1927. Little changed in glass handling until the introduction of Hand-Held Vacuum Cups. I was 16 years old. It was 1967. While working at my after school job, cleaning up in a glass shop, I heard a crash and bloodcurdling yell. Dropping my broom, I ran toward the commotion. In a pool of blood… Read more »