FCC & EC Compliant Radio Remotes for Vacuum Lifters

by David Peters Great News! Wood's Powr-Grip now has a new radio remote system for its vacuum lifters that is both FCC and CE compliant. For the longest time, it was difficult to find a single radio remote system that met all the requirements of the FCC and the CE. It seems that many geographical regions have different regulations concerning frequencies, bandwidths or certifications, and very few radio manufacturers agree upon what the requirements are and how to fulfill them. Consequently, the search for a solution to satisfy FCC and CE standards has been a long and involved process. remotekitFortunately, Wood's Powr-Grip has been able to secure a radio remote solution that meets the needs of customers in the United States and Europe alike. The remote option allows operators to attach or release a load from remote locations up to 250 ft. [76 m] distant, as may be required for multi-story, curtainwall or other overhead installations. Since we introduced remote control systems, the look and ease-of-use have improved, and we continue to add them as options on more and more vacuum lifters. Introduction and implementation of a remote system for vacuum lifters have been propelled by an ever increasing demand from many different industries. Seeing a strong rise in demand for alternative structure solutions, the metal building industry has embraced the lifter remote option as a time saving, money making tool. And as building materials get bigger each year, construction companies involved in curtainwall installation have come to rely on remote controlled vacuum lifters. The convenience, capability and safety of having a remote controlled device when lifting materials weighing thousands of pounds is paramount in the minds of construction companies everywhere. As time progresses, WPG will endeavor to make more and more of its vacuum lifters remote ready from the factory floor. This will allow customers to add the radio remote in the field, eliminating the need for the vacuum lifter to be returned to the factory for installation. For now, we are pleased to be able to offer a remote option that meets FCC and CE standards.
David Peters had more than 40 years experience in sales and marketing. He was the marketing associate for Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc., responsible for interactive marketing, tracking, market research and new product introduction