WPG Panel Master Series Low-Profile Manual Rotator/Tilters 600 with Pad Frame T-Arm Assemblies

WPG Panel Master Series - Low-Profile Manual Rotator/Tilters 600 with Pad Frame T-Arm Assemblies

by David Peters At this year's MetalCon Tradeshow in Rosemont, IL, representatives from Wood's Powr-Grip® will be showcasing our new Panel Master Series vacuum lifters. In addition to a low-profile design, the Panel Master Vacuum Lifters feature flexible vacuum pads, moving pad mounts and adjustable pad frame T-arm assemblies. These advantages makes them ideal for installing insulated metal panels, composite panels and cold storage panels, as well as wall, roof and other architectural panels. Optional pad frame extensions and rocker arms increase capacity and support, when needed to install long and heavy roof panels. Other standard features include a Dual Vacuum System and an 18 amp-hour battery. The dual-circuit vacuum system helps reduce the risk of accidental load release, whereas the long-lasting battery significantly extends run time, eliminating the need for frequent recharging and providing more time to get the job done. This series is available in two basic configurations: the MRTALPR4FS625DC and the MRTALPR4HV11FDC. While these vacuum lifters have essentially the same frame, features and available options, the primary difference is the style of vacuum pad. The MRTALPR4FS625DC comes outfitted with four 6" x 25" [15 cm x 64 cm] oval pads made with foam rubber (model VPFS625), while the MRTALPR4HV11FDC sports four 10" [25 cm] diameter, lipped vacuum pads made of low-marking rubber and fitted with closed cell foam rings (model HV11F). The oval pads are long and narrow to enable use on architectural panels with regularly spaced ridges or curtain wall sections with mullions or similar obstructions. The more conventional round pads are well equipped for lifting flat materials such as low-relief metal panels, stone and glass. Both lifters have a standard load capacity of 600 lbs [270 kg] and can accommodate loads up to 12" [30 cm] thick. All Panel Master vacuum lifters now come equipped with a 2.5 SCFM [71 liters/minute], dual-head vacuum pump. The increased airflow enables a vacuum lifter to attach and release more rapidly, increasing productivity on the job. The high flow also shortens the cycle time of the pump. Since the new DC power system draws only 5 amps instead of the previous 10 amps, less power is used by the vacuum lifter during operation, thereby doubling run time in the field. The dual head is integrated with two independent vacuum circuits. In the unlikely event that one of the two vacuum circuits fails, the other should provide sufficient vacuum to safely lower the load without dropping, preventing unexpected damage or injury. The Panel Master vacuum lifters are well appointed with an extensive list of standard features. An adjustable-position lift spool provides three different lift points to optimize the lifter's hang angle, making repetitive material placement quicker and easier. Combined with the standard blow-off for quick release, adjustable vacuum pad mounts and spring-mounted vacuum pads, the Panel Master vacuum lifters have been optimized for maximum productivity on the job. An impressive array of new options further adds to the utility and versatility of the Panel Master lifters. Intended for the cladding industry, the available pad frame extension arms for roof panels come with four arms, a specialized lift shackle and four suspension straps - enabling a vacuum lifter to install roof panels up to 60 feet [18.3 m] in length. The suspension straps enable the vacuum lifter to install long, rigid roof panels without damaging the lifter. The Panel Master vacuum lifters come standard with two pad frame T-arm assemblies. By adding the optional pad frame extension arms and the optional pad frame rocker arms, along with additional pad frame T-arm assemblies, the vacuum lifter's load capacity can be increased from 600 lbs [270 kg] to 1100 lbs [500 kg]. These options enable the vacuum lifter to handle longer, heavier roofing panels with ease while supporting the panels to prevent damage from flexing or bending. Couple the optional remote control system with the standard 18 amp-hour battery, and your new Panel Master vacuum lifter will truly be optimized for maximum productivity. The remote control allows an operator to control the functions of the vacuum lifter without having to be in close proximity. The long-lasting 18 amp-hour battery significantly extends the run time of the vacuum lifter, eliminating the need for frequent recharging while providing more time on the job. All in all, the new Panel Masters are an amazing addition to the Wood's Powr-Grip line-up of vacuum lifters. To get yours, visit the Wood's Powr-Grip Dealer nearest you, or contact one of our Technical Support Representatives for more information.
David Peters had more than 30 years experience in sales and marketing. He was the marketing associate for Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc., responsible for interactive marketing, tracking, market research and new product introduction.