WPG's New Counter-Balancer Makes Light Work of Heavy Jobs

Mere months ago, Wood's Powr-Grip® introduced the CB2DCS Counterbalance Lifter for installing windows, Plexiglas® and other materials under overhangs or into other hard-to-reach places. By extending the load forward from the crane's cable through the use of a movable counterweight, otherwise difficult or dangerous installations are made possible. The design was so efficient that customers soon began to approach WPG about the possibility of making the CB2 even bigger and better. We immediately got to work and developed the biggest Counter-Balancer to date.

At 18-1/2 feet [5.6 meters] long and capable of lifting a massive 2800 lbs [1270 kg],


the CB3DCS Counter-Balancer is one impressive machine. It features a maximum reach of nearly 7 feet [more than 2 meters], making short work of the most troublesome overhangs or obstacles. And if that isn't already enough, it comes with a standard rigid mount for the MR1611LDC Vacuum Lifter, one of the biggest in the Wood's Powr-Grip family!


Despite the CB3's impressive size, it operates quite smoothly: Several important safety features are designed to maximize the well-being of crew and equipment. The CB3DCS from Wood's Powr-Grip Comes with a Full Complement of features, including Remote Control. The remote control has a mechanism which prevents the release of a load unless the counterweight is located in the forward-most position. The result is that a sudden loss of lifter equilibrium is unlikely to occur, reducing the risk of worker injury or damage to materials and equipment.

Furthermore, beam angle limit switches have added greater peace of mind to the lifting system. Sensitive to within 5°, these switches prevent unintentional movement of the counterweight in the direction of a potentially dangerous tilt. The limit switch sensitivity may also be adjusted from the standard 5°, in the event that a greater angle is needed for a specific application.

The new CB3DCS is also more efficient. Whether you lease or buy, the CB3 arrives on site in a specialized crate, making it a breeze to assemble. An integrated mounting platform allows the counterbalance beam to rest at a convenient elevation for attaching the MR16, dispensing with the need for two separate cranes or elaborate assembly procedures. In addition, the counterweight bins automatically remain open during the loading of ballast material, freeing up an extra pair of hands on the work site. Although the MR16 Vacuum Lifter is the standard attachment, the CB3 Counter-Balancer can easily be adapted to connect another vacuum lifter, in case a different one is required.


Most of the well-appreciated features from the CB2 are preserved in the CB3. The amber strobe light is still present, alerting crew that the load is being moved or released. The radio transmitter still operates from distances up to 250 feet [76 meters] away, and a white light indicates when the counterweight is in its forward position, allowing for load release.

The CB3 counterbalance system is the latest in WPG's continuing process of innovation, matching and anticipating needs for years to come. With improved load capacity, better safety, and increased efficiency, the CB3 is a great purchase or lease for heavy lifting needs.

For more information, visit the Wood's Powr-Grip Authorized Dealer nearest you.