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Suction Cup Lifters for Glass, IMP's, Stone, Metal & More

The American Society of Engineers has an entire standard, called BTH-1, for the numerous devices that can attach "below the hook" of a crane or hoist. These devices include clamps, grippers, magnets, slings, hooks, and vacuum lifters.

This wide variety of below the hook (BTH) devices makes sense, because cranes and hoists are used widely in construction and manufacturing. They are often already present on the worksite. A vacuum lifter, complete with heavy-duty suction cups, allows cranes to handle fragile or awkward materials like glass or sheet metal.
Overhead cranes or forklifts can also be fitted with suction cups specially designed for stone shops.
In fact, with a crane and a suction cup lifter, many different kinds and shapes of material can be efficiently and effectively moved, installed, and manipulated on the manufacturing floor or on the construction job site.

Wood's Powr-Grip® has a broad variety of standard and specialty below-the-hook lifters exactly for these sorts of jobs, and more.

Glass Handling and Glazing

window installation

The installation of windows and glass has long been a challenge to designers, architects and glaziers alike. Since 1964, Wood's Powr-Grip has been making glass handling easier and less dangerous with hand-held vacuum cups, below-the-hook vacuum lifters and other installation products. Today, WPG continues to make glass installation more efficient, ergonomic and secure through innovative engineering.

When it comes to installing windshields and windows in a vehicle, nothing does it quite like the line-up of vacuum lifting products from Wood's Powr-Grip. Put a handle where you need it on any style of auto glass, while leaving the edges free for easy installation.

For handling truly large, architectural glass, you'll need a specially designed lifter. Wood's manufactures several varieties, and offers custom-built equipment, that can handle several tons of glass. WPG Engineers have both expertise and experience in meeting a variety of unique needs with handling massive pieces of glass.

Whether you are loading glass for transport to the job site, installing residential windows and doors, replacing auto windows, or constructing curtain walls in multi-story buildings, Wood's Powr-Grip makes the process of installing glass products easier and safer.

Curved Glass and Other Uneven Materials

curved glass lifter

When it comes to lifting large curved materials, such as windows, building facades, auto body parts, curved stone or nonporous columns weighing hundreds of pounds, a vacuum lifter can be the ideal, or indeed only, solution.

Concave suction cups with rolling edges allow increased lifter tolerance for curvature. Pad spring-shaft mounts and rotating pad mounts are incorporated in some of our lifters as well, for more severe curvatures.

For truly large, curved glass windows, WPG manufactures lifters with combinations of concave, spring-mounted, and rotating pads, along with lifter frames that physically adjust to various arcs. Lifting curved glass can be tricky, but Wood's Powr-Grip has the unique solutions needed for success.

Insulated Metal Panels

insulate metal panel lifter

Insulated Metal Panels (IMP's), also known as sandwich panels, are an increasingly popular building material. They are prefabricated complete with painted internal and external surfaces, with insulation. This saves on labor for construction, and can be helpful for meeting "green" building guidelines or LEED certification.

Perhaps the most popular way to install these are with suction cup lifters. By attaching to the face of the panel, the edges are kept free for installation, allowing them to snap into place effortlessly. With vacuum lifters, no damaging slings crimp the panel edges.

Also, with expandable pad spreads and high capacities, drilling holes and hooking the panels is no longer necessary.

If you're handling IMP's, you should definitely consider purchasing or renting a suction lifter for the job!

Slab Stone, Granite Countertops, & More

Stone shops have a need to move and process a lot of slab stone between the warehouse and cutting tables. Metal clamps can break or mare this valuable building material, and manhandling heavy slabs is dangerous. To protect stone, workers, and the bottom line, suction lifters for stone are an ideal solution.

Hand-held vacuum cups are used to handle most kinds of smooth, nonporous stone, including marble and granite. WPG also manufactures powered vacuum equipment for lifting limestone, slate and even sandstone. With large standard capacities, Powr-Grip vacuum lifters can efficiently lift, maneuver and transport large stone slabs between storage racks and CNC machines, slab saws or cutting tables. From the stone yard to final installation, stone handling is more efficient and less dangerous with vacuum cups, vacuum lifters and other products by Wood's Powr-Grip.

Sheet Metal

Today's metal working professionals depend on the right tools and equipment to meet their productivity goals and deliver high-quality workmanship. Suction lifters for metal utilize the power of vacuum to lift, maneuver and transport a wide variety of sheet and plate goods, as well as I-beams, ingots and other metal products. Flexible rubber vacuum pads used in Powr-Grip products attach securely to metals, without marking or damaging most surfaces.

Whether for warehouse operations, production facilities or construction jobs, metal handling is faster and easier with hand-held suction cups, below-the-hook vacuum lifters and other products by Wood's Powr-Grip.

A Lifter for Almost Anything*

*Any relatively smooth and non-porous material.

Wood's has a full staff of design and production engineers, ready and experienced to tackle your construction and manufacturing problems. The "Powr" of vacuum may be the solution you've been looking for: