10" Vacuum Pad for Textured Surfaces (Abrasive-Resistant Version)

Stock: 49672RT
Model: FS10T

Ideal for textured materials, like flamed, honed or polished stone slabs in Stone Shop environments or other situations where abrasive particles can wear down pads.

MSRP Price : $119.62



  • Durable sealing ring resists abrasive particles often found in Stone Shops
  • Ideal for flamed, honed or polished stone slabs
  • Replaceable sealing ring is cost-effective to replace when damaged by rough surfaces
  • Rings install onto pads securely without any adhesives

Have a lifter with HV11F Vacuum Pads?

  • HV11F type pads can be replaced with this more user-friendly pad.
  • All pads must be upgraded at the same time (cannot mix pad models on the same lifter).


Model FS10T
SKU 49672RT
Ideal Uses Stone shops with particles and grit
Other Uses Textured surfaces
Surface Curvature Flat
Material and Ambient Temperature Range 32° F [0° C] — 100° F [38° C]
Pad Diameter 10" [25 cm]
Rubber Type Standard with low firmness replaceable sealing ring
Additional Information Flat - Side-Feed - Medium-Flexible Rubber

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