How They Work

Vacuum cups use the force of atmospheric pressure to grip a surface: To learn more, see About Vacuum. How They Work Each vacuum cup's pump features a plunger with a red line indicator, which warns users of low vacuum. Introduced by Powr-Grip in the 1960's, this safety feature is now an industry-wide standard.
  • A few strokes of the plunger causes it to seal securely to surfaces.
  • The cup is fully attached when the plunger stops moving and the red line is hidden.
  • If the red line appears, air has leaked back into the pad: Repump the plunger to resecure attachment.
  • When done lifting, either pull the release tab on the pad, or press the release lever on the handle (depending on your model).
For detailed information about using Powr-Grip vacuum cups, consult your product's Instructions.