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3" x 6" Handi-Grip Hand Cup for Flat to Slightly Curved Surfaces

Stock: 91270
Model: RF36HG
Made in Montana

Ideal for handling small to medium size loads, such as glass, sheet metal, and plastics. Attaches to flat or slightly curved, smooth surfaces. Lifting capacity of 40 lbs [18 kg].



  • Oblong shape allows attachment on long, narrow objects
  • Red-line indicator warns user of any significant vacuum loss
  • Fast attach and release


Instructions Download
Troubleshooting Download
Load Capacity 40 lbs [18 kg]
Surface Texture Smooth
Material Porosity Nonporous
Allowable Surface Curvature Flat / Slightly Curved
Material and Ambient Temperature Range 0° F [-18° C] — 120° F [49° C]
Ideal Uses Lifting long, narrow objects
Pad Diameter 3" x 6" [8 cm x 15 cm]
Pad Model RF36
Rubber Type Standard
Handle Type Aluminum

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