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Two 6" Rigid-Handle Cups for Flat to Curved Surfaces

Stock: 91345
Model: TL6RH-91345
Made in Montana

This pair of metal-handle cups attach easily to curved, nonporous surfaces, weighing up to 70 lbs [32 kg] per vacuum cup.



  • Fast attach and release
  • Red-line indicator warns user of any significant vacuum loss
  • Supplied with protective carrying case


Instructions Download
Troubleshooting Download
Load Capacity 70 lbs [32 kg]
Surface Texture Smooth
Material Porosity Nonporous
Allowable Surface Curvature Flat / Curved
Material and Ambient Temperature Range 0° F [-18° C] — 120° F [49° C]
Ideal Uses Ergonomic handling of heavy, awkward loads, such as water heaters, auto glass and body panels.
Pad Diameter 6" [15 cm]
Pad Model TL6
Rubber Type Standard
Handle Type Metal

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