Hand Cups Eligible for the Exchange Program

To help identify your Hand Cup, check for the pad model # on your cup’s vacuum pad, and compare it to the PAD MODEL column below.



Stock #

Model #

Pad Model

More Information

Exchange Price

  91500  N4950 G0695 Details $49.35*
  91600  N4300 Details $43.65*
91506 N4950TS G0695TS Details $45.00*
  91700  N5450 G0725 Details $53.50*
  91620  N5300 Details  $51.25*
  91800 N6450 G0750 Details $53.50*
91720 N5450CS VPCS9 Details  $51.25*
  91380  LJ6VH LJ6 Details $37.65*

*Does not include shipping.

Only the green-handled Hand Cups listed above are eligible for the Exchange Program. 

The Exchange Program does NOT apply to Mounting Cups, Vacuum Lifters, Parts or Other Products.