Hand Cup Exchange Program

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» For the United States and Canada

In most cases, it is not cost-effective to repair Hand Cups or Mounting Cups.

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  1. Securely package old or damaged cups
  2. Include the Hand Cup Exchange Program Form
  3. Attach the Shipping Label
  4. Send it to us with shipping paid

Depending on the size of the order, exchange cups generally take 3 business days to process, plus shipping times.

What About Cups Under Warranty?

  • If it's our fault, we'll fix it for free: Click Here
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What About Non-Warranty Items That Cannot Be Exchanged?

We recommend:

» For Everywhere Else

Return the product to point of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my vacuum cup covered under warranty? »
See our warranty page.
Do I need to return my cup with the case? »
NO. You can keep your case as a spare if you want. However, you can ship the vacuum cup in its protective carrying case - we will supply a new one. Note: Most carriers accept N-Series cases without any other packing. Please securely tape them shut, though.
What are the quality standards for Exchanged Cups? »
Re-manufactured (exchanged) vacuum cups pass the same inspections and tests as new products.
How long does it take to get my Exchange Cup? »
Currently orders are taking 8+ weeks.
NOTE: For quicker service, many dealers stock Exchange Cups. Click the FAQ below for more info:
Which dealers offer discounted Exchange Cups? »