MRTA8 Forklift Adapter 2
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Forklift Adapter for MRTA8 DC-Powered Lifters

Stock: 95457
Model: 95457
OPTION: Forklift Adapter

Ideal for indoor applications, installations under eves or where using a crane is not possible.


Available for the MRTA Lifter Series.


  • Compatible Fork Dimensions:
    1-1/2" to 2-1/4" [38-57 mm] thick and 4" to 6" [102-152 mm] wide
  • Inside Fork Spread:
    4" [102 mm]
  • Weight:
    125 lbs [57 kg]
  • Maximum Load Thickness:
    1" [25 mm] at full capacity
  • Maximum Load Capacity:
    1400 lbs [635 kg] (or the max load capacity of the MRTA Lifter, whichever is less.)

Note: The forklift must have a rated capacity greater than the combined weight of the lifter, adapter, and load when extended to its forwardmost position.


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Model 95457
SKU 95457
Ideal Uses Ideal for warehouses or anywhere a forklift is desired
Other Uses When a crane is unavailable/unusable
Power System DC Battery Power
Additional Information Replaces MRTA8 Lift Bar

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