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CB3 Counter-Balancer

Stock: 96882
Model: CB3DCS
Made in Montana

Allows MR16, MRPT16 or MRPT20 Lifters to install loads under gables, overhangs, or similar obstructions.

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  • Radio remote control - operates at a distance up to 250 ft [76 m]
  • Prevents load release unless counterbalancer is correctly balanced
  • Mounting platform allows for easy assembly and storage
  • Limit switches prevent the counterbalancer from tilting more than 5° out of the horizontal position


Specifications Download
Model CB3DCS
SKU 96882
Ideal Uses Placing loads under overhangs
Material and Ambient Temperature Range 32° F [0° C] — 100° F [38° C]
Power System DC Battery Power
Electrical Information 12 volts DC, 58 amps

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