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MRPT16 Lifter

This lifter features a large capacity, powered tilt, and can be ordered with an integrated counter-balancer that keeps heavy loads from tilting forward.

To prevent accidental releases, an integrated weight sensor stops the lifter from detaching from unsupported loads.

98818 pictured.

Comes w/ Intelli-Grip Technology®, automatically monitoring vacuum and power systems to maximize safety and efficiency while simplifying maintenance and repairs.


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Stock # Model # Description Load Capacity Power More InformationQty
98818 MRPT1611LDC3S

Flat and smooth surfaces lifter w/ Intelli-Grip, Dual Vacuum system, & Integrated Counterbalancer (98815).

2800 lbs [1270 kg] DC Instructions Service Manual Troubleshooting Specifications
98810 MRPT1611LDC3

Lifter without integrated counterbalancer.

2800 lbs [1270 kg] DC Instructions Service Manual Troubleshooting Specifications
98815 MRPT16 Counter Balancer
OPTION: MRPT16 Integrated Counterbalancer

Keeps heavy loads from leaning forward during lifts. Makes installing loads in vertical positions easy. (For retrofitting 98810.)

cb-dc- CB-DCS
OPTION: Independent Counterbalancer

Attaches to lifters, allowing them to place loads under gables, overhangs or similar obstructions.

mrpt16-curved MRPT169CDC3S
OPTION: Pad Frame for Curved Surfaces

Alternative Pad Frame allows Lifter to attach to curved surfaces.


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