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MRPT16 Lifter Series

Made in Montana

This lifter features a large capacity, powered tilt, and can be ordered with an integrated counter-balancer that keeps heavy loads from tilting forward. A curved glass version is also available.

To prevent accidental releases, an integrated weight sensor stops the lifter from detaching from unsupported loads.

98818 pictured.

Comes w/ Intelli-Grip Technology®, automatically monitoring vacuum and power systems to maximize safety and efficiency while simplifying maintenance and repairs.


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Stock# Model# Description Load Capacity Power More InformationQty
98818 MRPT1611LDC3 Flat and smooth surfaces lifter w/ Intelli-Grip, Dual Vacuum system, & Integrated Counterbalancer (98815).
2800 lbs [1270 kg] DC Instructions Service Manual Troubleshooting Specifications
98810 MRPT1611LDC3 Lifter without integrated counterbalancer.
2800 lbs [1270 kg] DC Instructions Service Manual Troubleshooting Specifications
98820 MRPT209CDC3

Curved surfaces lifter with alternative pad frame.

2000 lbs [910 kg] DC Instructions Service Manual Troubleshooting Specifications
OPTION: MRPT16 Integrated Counterbalancer

Keeps heavy loads from leaning forward during lifts. Makes installing loads in vertical positions easy. (For retrofitting 98810.)

96882_ CB3DCS
OPTION: Independent Counterbalancer

Attaches to lifters, allowing them to place loads under gables, overhangs or similar obstructions. (Requires lifter software version 7.8 or newer.)

OPTION: MRPT20 Shipping Crate

Crate for 98820.

OPTION: Pad Frame for Curved Surfaces

Alternative Pad Frame allows Lifter to attach to curved surfaces.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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