Wood's Powr-Grip Celebrates 50 Year's of Service!

Wood's Powr-Grip Celebrates 50 Years with Some Big Changes!

WPG 2014 Employees
The Wood's Powr-Grip Team

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Wood's Powr-Grip® Company, Incorporated so we're marking it in a number of BIG ways!

Throughout the year, we will be sharing our photos, memories, history and culture.

You may have noticed that, in addition to our regular logo, an oval emblem with the letters "WPG" inside it began appearing on our products, ads and website over the last couple years. Although we've used these initials to refer to ourselves for decades, promoting them as a part of our identity didn't really make much sense until recently. Then along came the Internet, where domains, URL's, search engine optimization and spelling began becoming more important!

Not just a new logo... a new website address too!

Of course, you know there is no "e" in Powr-Grip®, right?

Now we are switching URL's from "powr-grip.com" to our new website and domain name, WPG.com! Not to worry, we're still the same company, Wood's Powr-Grip, and we're still the Original & Trusted Name in Vacuum Handling and Mounting Equipment!

Our look and web address may have changed, but our philosophy remains the same: do the right thing for the users of our products, dealers and business partners, as well as for our employees and community!

Along with our commitment to the quality and safety of our products, this simple philosophy has served us well in our last 50 years and we look forward to continuing our service to you for another 50 years!