When Glass Installation Throws You a Curve

Wood's Powr-Grip has lifters that are ideal for curved glass installation.by Holly Anderson Architects sure know how to draw up some beautiful structures, don't they? Futuristic lines, dramatic urban fabrics: these buzzwords might really appeal to building owners, but they probably give glaziers a knot in their stomach. And when the plans call for a 3000 lb [1360 kg] piece of curved glass, you're left wondering how to set it safely and without incident. In a perfect world, using a lifter you already own would be ideal. However, that lifter is most likely intended for flat glass loads - due to the flat vacuum pads it uses. To meet the needs of curved glass, Wood's Powr-Grip offers a concave style pads with a unique shape that allows the sealing edge to flex and shift while keeping a firm seal on the glass. By supplying WPG with a few details, such as arc length, height, angle, chord and radius measurements, we can help you prepare for whatever wild plan the architect has dreamt up! Our evaluation of your measurements could mean a custom lifter needs to be designed. Or it could be as simple as changing out your flat pads for our concave ones - without investing in new equipment. Whatever the case, it's extremely important to be aware of the special considerations curved glass requires and to plan ahead. (For example, curved glass reduces load capacity.) Contact any of our Technical Sales Representatives or the Wood's Powr-Grip Dealer nearest you to go over the requirements of your next curved installation.
Holly Anderson is a Technical Sales Representative at Wood's Powr-Grip. She assists with the coordination of the repair department and provides customer service to both end users and our dealer network.